Save The Date: Traditional Spanish Market  |  July 27–28, 2024

About Spanish Market

Traditional Spanish Market is a vibrant event celebrating Hispanic Heritage through art, music, food, and culture each year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This annual Market serves as a cultural hub where artists and artisans display their talents, preserving and promoting the rich Hispanic heritage that has deeply influenced the region’s history and traditions. We invite you to experience this unique opportunity to be immersed in the artistry and traditions that continue to shape New Mexico and communities with origins in early Spanish settlement.

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Nearly a Century of Tradition

Since 1926, Traditional Spanish Market has immersed participants in a cultural exploration that transcends time, celebrating the legacy of Spanish art traditions.

Market History

A Cultural Showcase

Traditional Spanish Market celebrates New Mexico’s artistic and cultural essence. Our mission goes beyond art—to educate, promote, and safeguard this rich and unique cultural heritage. Join us for an immersive experience where the history of Spanish Colonial Art comes to life. This is more than a Market; it is a cultural journey waiting to unfold. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this extraordinary experience!